Saturday, July 10, 2021

Motorhomes we have owned

This is our first, a 2005 Discovery 39.  We owned her a brief time taking several trips.  One to the East Coast and another to Alaska in 2006 which is chronicled in this blog.  We fell in love with our next motor home at a FMCA rally in Beaumont Texas                                                                                                                                                  

After seeing this ones\'s sister at the FMCA rally in Beaumont, we drove to Buddy Greg's Motorhome Sales in Dallas and came home with Sweet Caroline.  We traveled and lived in Sweet Caroline a 2007 Monaco Dynasty Diamond IV 42' on and off for the next 15 years.  

However we did flirt with another pretty lady a couple of years ago. Sunshine, a 2000 Foretravel U320 36' no slides.  She was a great coach, just a bit too small for our use as we spend several months at a time in her and just needed more room.

This brings us to our current motorhome.  A 2002 Foretravel U320 40' with two slides.  A bit smaller than Sweet Caroline but a lot more room than Sunshine.  We hope to live in her for many years and trips to come.  We named her Sweet Georgia Brown.

Is Sweet Georgia Brown our last motorhome?  We do not know, we expect to enjoy her a long time, but we always keep our options open.  Those who know me know that one of my expressions is I try to live my life in 10 year segments.  I spent about 25 years riding motorcycles, 5 years flying small private airplanes, 10 years traveling the US, Canada and Alaska waters on our cruising boats, and so far 16 years motor homing.  We only stop when it becomes not fun or too risky for us and others.  So stay tuned, I hope to make this blog more active than it has been recently.

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Earth Rise

50 years ago Earthrise.

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Willie's Tug Sold

Willie's Tug has been purchased by a Washington family, so she will remain in our beloved Pacific North West.

It is with great sadness that we leave this part of our life behind us.  However it is with great anticipation that we see what the future will bring.  We plan to spend more time here in Houston and more time traveling in our motorhome.

Willie and I will be leaving Facebook at the end of December 2018.  So stay tuned here for updates or give us a call or email from time to time.

Wednesday, May 09, 2018

Willies Tug New Reduced Price

Willies Tug
2014 Ranger Tug R31S
Photo Credit big thanks to Sally Shobe

Photo Credit big thanks to David Baker

You will not find a better R31 Sedan available anywhere. This boat is in excellent condition with NO deferred maintenance and no damage. Everything works and ready to cruise anywhere. This is a proven Alaska and Inside Passage veteran. 

Price Reduced to $218,000

Now located at Selene NW Docks in Lake Union
Ø  This is a true Pacific North West boat.  All PNW standards including 
Ø  Wabasto Diesel Heat – factory installed.
Ø  Onan 5 KW generator - factory Installed - 211 Hours
Ø  AGM batteries, All LED lighting
Ø  Garmin AIS 600 AIS transmit and receive
Ø  Intellian I2 Satellite for HD TV
Ø  Yacht Bedding custom mattress and accessories
Ø  Custom fixed bimini and full enclosure by King Marine 
Ø  Rocna 15kg Anchor with Bruce type claw anchor for backup
Ø  100' of 5/16" Chain with 190' of anchor rope, total of 290’ rode 
Ø  Spectra Water Maker 6.5 gph
Ø  Custom Stainless Stern Tie Reel with 600’ floating line.
Ø  Ranger Grey Hull and Trim Color
Ø  Extra lines, fenders, hoses, etc.  This is a walk out deal.

The owners are unable to continue boating and will consider any reasonable offers. 
Contact Brian Taylor at 206-819-9984 or Herb Stark at 903-736-7591

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The Doctor's Final Resting Place

Dr. Jake C. Harleton, MD our faithful Golden Retreiver companion died a couple of years ago.  We have had his ashes waiting the "right" place for them.  Willie and I hiked up the hill to Cap Sante Bluff in Anacortes WA this morning taking The Doctor on his final walk.  We scattered his ashes on the bluff overlooking the waters on which he spent so much of his life.  We pass this beautiful rock many times in a summers cruising.  Now we will fondly remember our buddy Jake as we do.

RIP Doctor Jake

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

T-Bone Walker, Linden and Avinger Texas

I Thought you might enjoy this FB post about T-Bone Walker
Linden is the next town up the road 14 miles from Avinger where we had a blueberry farm and lived for 25 or so years.  Linden is the county seat of Cass County Texas and also the home of Don Henley.  When we lived there in the beginning late 1980s, there was an annual talent show that was awesome.  The musical talent in that little community something to be heard and experienced. 
Avinger itself is home to John Early and his nationally renown Bluegrass group, the Hickory Hill band.  Hickory Hill is an early name for the town of Avinger.  John and I sang in the choir of the Avinger United Methodist church, where we sat together in the tenor section.  John tried unsuccessfully to keep me in harmony and on key.  John Early and Richard Bowden, another Linden native are entertaining together on tour this summer.  Much talent from such a small population center.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Our Story or How We Got Here

I have been asked to write up a short synopsis of "Our Story" for the Eagle Harbour Yacht Club.  This is our second year with the EHYC.  We joined because of our friends and fellow Ranger Tug owners that vouched for our integrity.  These friends are Allan and Yvonne, Janeane and Lyman, and Maureen and David.  I hope we can live up to their opinions of us.

The short story starts in Port Isabel, Texas.  One of my favorite expressions is from a boat dealer in Friday Harbor, WA.  He says "You live on an island, you need a boat".
Well, Willie and I bought a water front lot in Port Isabel, Texas.  Sometime later we built a home with a boat house on the water.  So my friends said "You have a dock, you need a boat".

We made a couple of exploratory purchases before we determined how we liked to use a boat.  Our first boat for Port Isabel (Not our first boat, but that is another story) was a SeaDoo. It was a great boat, 50 MPH across the bay in front of our home, open to enjoy the elements.  Herein the problem, Willie did not like to get wet while boating.  So the search continued.  We met a neighbor, Jim Bathhurst who owned a C-Dory 25.  He took us on a ride around the bay during rainy weather.   Willie did not get wet and stayed warm.  She said now THIS is a proper boat.  So many searches later we find a Ranger Tug R21 in North Carolina.  We drive out to look at her and bring home the first Willie's Tug.  She was and is a great boat.  A cabin to keep us dry and warm and a very salty look to meet my approval.  We spent many hours playing among the dolphins (the live ones, not the posts). and enjoying the shallow bay waters in front of our home.

After cruising with our local yacht club to a neighboring community for dinner and an overnight, we found that we lacked a bit in creature comforts for anything more than day cruising.  Alaska mosquitos do not hold a candle to South Texas mosquitos on a hot summers night with not a breeze within 200 miles.  So we went to Bremerton for the Ranger Tug Rendezvous and bought a much larger Ranger Tug R27 which we also christened Willie's Tug as our R21 was now "Hercules" and had a new owner.
For a few years, we trailered our R27 from Texas to the PNW in the spring and back to Texas in the fall.

For many years, since taking a motorhome trip to Alaska several years ago, we have wanted to visit Sitka Alaska.  Sitka has so much history and is even part of our Louisiana heritage.  So we traded our R27 for a new Ranger Tug R31 feeling that we would be more comfortable in the larger boat with our golden retreiver Jake.  We planned to make the trip in 2014, however I had to have surgery before we could leave Seattle.  The larger R31 was perfect as we secured moorage at Stimson Marina in Ballard, just a short 40 Bus ride away from Virginia Mason.  After being released from the surgery, we were able to give the R31 a good check ride into the Broughton's and Hood Canal making good use of our shortened cruising season.
Finally in 2015, we were able to take our Willie's Tug all the way to Sitka, Alaska.  For us it was a dream come true, 3 months from Anacortes to Anacortes with over a week spent in Sitka.  The trip itself is another story, and more details can be found on Willie's blog at 
Our new friends Diane and Riley stated that they have moved up to a larger boat as they age.  That seems to be our MO as well.  We have downsized our home, but hope to upsize our boat a bit for more comfortable living during the 5 to 6 months a year that we spend in the PNW.  This year we hope to make at least a couple of the outings with the Eagle Harbour Yacht Club.  Thanks for welcoming us to your group.