Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The Doctor's Final Resting Place

Dr. Jake C. Harleton, MD our faithful Golden Retreiver companion died a couple of years ago.  We have had his ashes waiting the "right" place for them.  Willie and I hiked up the hill to Cap Sante Bluff in Anacortes WA this morning taking The Doctor on his final walk.  We scattered his ashes on the bluff overlooking the waters on which he spent so much of his life.  We pass this beautiful rock many times in a summers cruising.  Now we will fondly remember our buddy Jake as we do.

RIP Doctor Jake

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Captain Jim and the Blonde said...

Tough to say good-bye... then, good-bye, again. Jake was a good boy - even little Izzy said so (after their time together on the dock at Lake Powell). Hugs to you two from us, and we'll be raising a glass to Dr. Jake this evening.

Jim, Joan, and Izzy