Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Update 2006

Lots has happened since we returned from our Alaska Journey. We attended the FMCA rally in Beaumont and fell in love with the new Monaco Dynasty. Since we have decided after two years in the Discovery that we like doing this, we decided to upgrade our condo on wheels.

After the Discovery National Rally in San Antonio, we went to Dallas to "look" at new Monacos. We figured we would trade sometime in early 2007. Short story, they had what we wanted and made us a deal we could not refuse. So we left with a 2007 Dynasty.

We went on to Longview and were glad to find that the new coach fit in the garage. A short trip to Louisiana to visit Willie's homeplace and then on to Marksville to visit Walldog's sister and our great grandkids. We are pictured at the Paragon Casino Resort a Passport America site $6.48 one of the best values around.

Our shakedown cruise was to Ft. Davis and the McDonald Observatory. We wanted to put enough miles on to get some fluids changed as part of the negotiated purchase agreement. We enjoyed several programs at the observatory and saw plenty of wildlife. We stayed at the state park in Ft. Davis. A nice place to stay when you are in this area. It is convenient to the observatory and other attractions. Our next update will tell you where we are now.

Walldog, Willie and Jake

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