Sunday, December 06, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

Thursday November 26, 2009 Thanksgiving

We invited our Winter Texan friends Ralph and Barb from Oklahoma to join us for Thanksgiving Day.  We had our meal at noon, which we Southerners call dinner.  If we served it in the evening, we would call it supper except when it is really big and then it becomes dinner even though we serve it at supper time.  Herb grilled a big Salmon fillet and sauteed green beans.  Wilma fixed a really nice salad and HEB supplied the pecan pie and Blue Bell homemade ice cream.

Lloyd and Herb examined and took pictures of a Hibiscus tree that has yellow and red flowers.  That is red flowers and yellow flowers.

After dinner and a suitable rest period, Ralph and Barb told us about an orchard at Los Fresnos that had u-pick tangerines and oranges.  We called and they said they would be open for us to pick all we wanted.  A five gallon bucket of tangerines was $7.00 and a five gallon bucket of oranges was $4.00.

From my motorcycle days:
So many roads....
So little time.....

So many balls.......
So little time............

What a beautiful place in which we are most fortunate to be able to live

Thank You God!

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