Saturday, May 08, 2010

Boat ride with Jake

Walldog and Jake took a ride today to check out the installation of the cut down mast.  We took 27 inches out of the mast so that we could leave it installed and still fit in our boat house.  We also installed new cushions made by Kathy's Upholstery of Arlington WA.  She made them from the original patterns for the Ranger Tug.

We got boarded again by the US Coast Guard.  I think they just wanted to look us over.  Now we have two "Good as Gold" papers that keep us from inspections for at least 6 months.  I wonder how many more we will get during the next 6 months.  Nice folks, so we did not mind at all.

We went out to the first buoys past the jetties.  Not many people on the Boca Chica side as the road is still closed from Brownsville by the gas well leak.

Coming back in to my slip, I pass as close as I can to the bulkhead without grounding out on the oyster shell rocks.  I am lined up with my boat house and I hear a fishing boat trying to pass between me and the bulkhead.  I do not know what he planned to do after he hit the rocks, but I waved him off and told him that I was docking there.  Maybe too much cerveza.

We spent the afternoon at a real Louisiana Crawfish Boil.  The mudbugs were properly cooked and excellent....I should know.  A real treat.

More pictures of the boat ride are here.

Walldog, Willie and Jake

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