Friday, September 10, 2010

Poulsbo Yacht Club

Shortly after arriving in Bremerton for the 2010 Ranger Tug Rendezvous, we had a visit from Dennis and Julie Sheehan.  Members of the Laguna Madre Yacht club will remember Dennis and Julie as they formerly lived in South Padre Island and Port Isabel.  They were and still are members of the LMYC.  Dennis is currently Commodore of the Poulsbo Yacht Club in Poulsbo, Washington.  Dennis and Julie presented Willie and me with a burgee from the PYC.  This burgee has a Viking ship on it depicting the Norwegian heritage of the town of Poulsbo.  I promised Dennis and Julie that the burgee would be displayed at the LYMC in a place of honor.  Thank you Dennis and Julie Sheehan.

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Bruce Moore said...

I saw you all on the docks in Bremerton, and didn't have any idea about the connection. How cool is that!