Thursday, January 27, 2011

Winter Texan

Winter Texan: "Mama, it is time for our annual migration to South Padre Island.  Do you think we should upgrade our tow vehicle?
Mama: No.
Winter Texan:  Well Mama, how about us getting a new RV?
Mama: No absolutely NOT.  We have many more years of use from this perfectly good Travel trailer and Suzuki SUV.  Besides that we can spend the night anywhere.  We do not even have to go to a Wal-mart to camp.

The Winter Texans have descended upon South Texas en mass.  They fill our restaurants, stores, campgrounds, beaches, hotels, motels, and churches.  WE LOVE THEM!!  Because of the Winter Texans, we have some of the finest restaurants and other facilities that would not be profitable otherwise.  How ever you get here, just keep on coming down.

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