Saturday, December 10, 2011

Willie's Tug in New Slip

We have been keeping our new Ranger Tug 27 at our low outside dock.  Works fine except when a Norther blows through and we have tremendous currents, turbulent waters and winds that cause Willie to move about a little too much for my comfort.  The extraordinary high tides during the Norther makes for constant tending with a fixed dock.  Using the lift inside the boat house required some modifications that we just completed enough to make this her permanent home.

As you can see Willie's Tug just fits with very little room to spare.  We will fine tune the project in the next few days, but as you can see it works.  Today with wind out of the Northeast and two foot waves or so in the bay, she is snug in her new home.

Walldog, Willie, and Jake

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