Monday, April 09, 2012


Years ago, my prime means of transportation was my motorcycle.  I would work until I could take some time off and I would then ride my MC some place fun.  Well sometimes the work took longer than I would like and my attitude would suffer from a malady I called the Mullygrubs.  So in order to get my head back on straight, I would just have to fire up the bike and take off.  No destination in mind, just ride until the Mullygrubs were all cleared out.

Today was one of those days, it had been too long since the last time I took Willie's Tug out.  On my walk with Jake this morning, there was not a bit of wind and the skies were clear.  When got home, I fired up the boat and went for a ride, just like days of old on the motorcycle.  I watched the sun rise as I crossed the bay to the causeway.  Thinking that the Gulf would be calm as the bay, I ventured out past the jetties.  Well it was not calm, but not bad.  The further I went out, the higher the swells.  They were far enough apart that I did not get pounded too bad and when I turned around to return the currents gave me a nice push.  Crossing the bay again on the way back a couple of Dolphins got friendly with the bow of Willie's Tug.  No pictures, just a great morning and no more Mullygrubs for a while.

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