Thursday, May 16, 2013

Cat Story

There are a couple of ladies that check on our house when we travel.  Today, as we were enroute toward Anacortes, we received a call from them.  "There is a cat in the garage.  Did you leave a cat in your garage?"  No, I did not leave a cat in the garage.  She explained that the cat was very vocal about trying to come into the house from the garage.  I explained how to open the garage doors.  After opening the doors, she said that the cat now would not come out.  I advised that it may be easier to get around behind him and shoo him out rather than trying to call him out. We left Saturday morning, so the cat had been trapped in the garage for 5 days.  He streaked out and quickly disappeared down the street apparently non the worse for his ordeal.  I am just glad we shut the door to the motorhome.

Walldog, Willie and Jake (Catless in Seattle)

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Captain Jim and the Blonde said...

Oh, look: Herb and Wilma have a cat! I had to check to make sure Izzy was still with us... you know how she considered "trading up" when we were docked next to your tug. ;-)