Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Alaska Day 83 Home in Texas

Sunday August 7, 2006 Denton TX to Longview TX Log 160 Miles
We awake to another beautiful sunrise, this time with the orange ball appearing in the pink and glow of the sky. As we leave Denton, it begins to look a lot like Dallas -- (don't let Herb see Frye's Electronics!) --next the signs for Hwy 80 which runs thru Longview, and the sign for Tyler/Shreveport and we know Longview is in between them. Are we excited yet? Then comes the familiar pine trees and rolling hills. Longview is not far away.

We are silent as we approach our house, unhook the Jeep and back the Discovery into its garage. We dont close the door of the garage with the trikes still on, so we do not surprise our neighbors, David and Patti Harwell. We later learn that coming home "early" spoiled the surprise Welcome Home party they had planned, but promised to have it in another day or so. No details shared. We join them for a celebration of our homecoming and catching up on the news.

Pictures are here.

Waldog, Willie and Jake

PS. This will be the last Journal for a while. We are taking care of our business and planning our next trip <Grins>

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Elsie Sikes said...

Too bad it's over..... Thank you for a glimpse into our past in Alaska and all the narratives of your trip.