Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Alaska Day 77

Monday July 31, 2006 Grand Coulee WA Log 0 Miles
In search of excitement today, and with Bob and Myrna along, we drive a circular scenic route up the countryside, first passing by Grand Coulee Dam and the bigger than life bust of FDR, who authorized building the dam, and a reulting Lake Roosevelt. Much rock and lava rock beauty along the way, and at one point where traffic was stopped by a flagman, we find it is because of a helicopter lifting logs from the mountainside near the roadway -- not road construction.

Near the town of Omak we visit St. Mary's Mission, where there is the only boarding school in the state of Washington. A great mix of religious icons and totems grace the grounds. Wilma and Myrna take many pictures inside and outside the mission. After lunch, we stop in Okanogan for a visit to the Okanogan County Historical Museum. It is a well organized display of artifacts from the early days of this area. This includes the old-fashioned main street with its buildings of the day, farm implements, apple industry display, and a settlers cabin. We find very interesting an "in a word" explanation of how the most unusual terrain of the area was formed; one point made was that the lava flowed up through crevices, and was not a result of a volcano eruption.

Our circular route continues past Chief Joseph Dam, a Corp of Engineers site. On back into our home of the past three days brings us by another great view point of the Grand Coulee Dam. We decide that it may be a little better than the previous night's spot to see the laser show. After dinner we drive up and watch the laser show again. The audio portion we find is broadcast over an FM radio station. So our front row seats are warm and comfortable in the Jeep. Just like a drive-in movie without the PIC. All the mosquitos must be "North to Alaska."

Pictures are here.

Walldog, Willie and Jake

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