Monday, July 31, 2006

Alaska Day 75

Saturday July 29, 2006 Paradise MT to Grand Coulee WA Log
A pretty drive today shows us lots of places to fish, and Bob tries his luck at one. It was quite a challenge to work his way down the precarious rocks on the banks, but he makes it and enjoys casting for a time. Only his need to find a campground for the night tears him away.

We cross Idaho with no luck on reservations, but do see a Wal-mart truck and a Mcdonald's truck -- strange things seen under the daylight sun!

At Fairchild AFB we saw an air show with spectacular vapor trail formations. Five planes. What precision!

Lots of flat land, valleys, and farming. The wheat fields are beautiful, and we keep looking for crop circles.....Miles and miles of "amber (or wheat colored) waves of grain." We begin to then see scrub bushes and lava rock, which surprises us. Then more lava, hillsides of lava and the terrain turn to mountainous and desert.

Our accomodations for the night are at Grand Coolee RV Park in Washington near the intersection of 174 and 155 and Grand Coulee Dam on the Columbia River, and the largest hydroelectric dam in the US.

Our site is on the side of the arid mountain, at the top of the park, with West Texas type scrub brush all around. Our neighbors are Bill and Lois Keller, Escapees (Livingston TX), so we get the tradition hug and feel right at home. They leave all too soon, possibly for their place on Lake Mead NV.

Dinner is the long awaited steak with trimmings

Pictures are here.

Walldog, Willie and Jake

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