Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Alaska Day 50

Tuesday July 4, 2006 Independence Day Valdez Alaska Log 0 Miles
Today was a full day. We participated in local activities celebrating Independence Day here in Valdez from 8 AM until after 11 PM. Starting with a 5K walk, beginning and ending at the convention center, continuing with Walldog, Willie and Jake in the number 2 position in the parade, and ending with the fireworks display over the harbour which we watched from our bedroom in the rv. What a great time.

The walk was mostly level except for a Mount Myrna type hill on a path jutting out into the bay. We were not last, but close to it. We would have made better time, except for Jake having to stop and smell and of course get petted at all the check points. Our camera wasnt quick enough at one checkpoint, where Jake retrieved the lady's book she had been reading; we only got her petting him after SHE retrieved the book from Jake. Some of our delays were from Wilma stopping to photograph the flowers.

The parade was a hoot. The theme was "May the Fouth be with You". So we had plenty of Darths in attendance. A highlight for Herb was seeing an emaculate 1963 Volkswagon Minibus. It was just beautiful and original right down to the "Make Love Not War" sticker in the rear window. Herb had a bit of a problem when a local politician started throwing frisbies over Jake's head to the crowd.

After some afternoon rest, we saw the end of the canoe jousting contest, where the losers were knocked overboard into the cold water. Then we made our way to the BBQ sponsored by the City of Valdez, and met a couple traveling in a motorhome. During our conversation, we find that they are long time BMW motorcycle riders. In fact, he is a past president of BMWRA. We had a great time discussing our mutual friends and experiences. Charles and Graceann Carter are now fulltiming in their Allegro motorhome. Charles is also a ham radio operator. Visiting with Charles and Graceann made the long line for hamburgers pass quickly. The volunteers that organized this celebration did an excellent job. Our hats go off to them for making us feel so welcome. Valdez is first class!

Amazingly, Wilma and Herb stay awake until the fireworks start at 11 PM. Jake has long since given up the ghost. The low overcast gives a good white background for the colorfull fireworks which we watch from our bedroom window. The end to another perfect day in Alaska.

Pictures are here.

Walldog, Willie and Jake

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