Sunday, July 09, 2006

Alaska Day 52

Thursday July 06, 2006 Valdez AK to Mile 56.5 Tok Cutoff Log 265 Miles
Off the beaten path today, as we drove the Edgerton Hwy toward -- but not to -- McCarthy. We found it interesting that the young Aspen were thickly intermingled with Spruce on this road. At one point we saw an abandoned car at the bottom of the cliff that looked like it had been there a long time. Probably because after it had wrecked, the owner decided it would cost more to bring it up than the car was worth.

Dick and Sarah Hallum have been telling us some of the memories of their trip to Alaska in the past, but until today we did not realize the mark Sarah had left on this state!

Back on Tok Cutoff we enjoyed about eight miles of recently finished restoring of the road, but then experienced a little washboard, just to get our attention and throw all our hanging clothes off the closet rod. It was surprising that the ambient temperature rose to 76 degrees and we were quite comfortable in shirt sleeves.

We saw some neat sights at Worthington Glacier and zoomed in on some people who were standing on it, halfway up. It was not until we put the photos on the computer that we saw another person who was not readily visible to the naked eye. The lady who works in the gift shop stops along the way every morning to pick fresh wildflowers to label and display for visitors.

Our stop for the night was at a turnout overlooking Mt. Sanford and Mt. Drum, and we met Ann Scott and her mother, Eleanor, who are from Salcha AK near Fairbanks and are headed for a vacation on the Kenai. Ann had recent knowledge of the condition of theTop of the World Highway and gave us good advice on travel. She also pointed out a phenonena called "sun dog" which looks like parts of a rainbow on both sides of the sun as it sets. Then looking 180 degrees, we saw an actual rainbow in the clouds. At 4 AM the sun was rising (or had just moved around) and was shining on the east side of Mt. Sanford.

Ann also shared a bit of the Alaska lifestyle, which parallels Texas climate, in that while we hurry from house to car to shopping in the 90 plus heat, they do they same in the minus freezing. They rather enjoy looking forward to the darkness of winter after so much daylight, much the same as we look forward to cooler weather in Fall and the rebirth of Spring.

So much beauty!

Pictures are here.

Walldog, Willie and Jake

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