Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Alaska Day 70

Monday July 24, 2006 Columbia Icefields Jasper Park, Alberta to Snookumchuck, BC Log 218 Miles
We woke to whistling wind, a little rain, one lightning flash, but soon the sun was out. We said goodbye to the glacier and settled in to looking for wildlife along the highway. Then we saw two mountain goats grazing on a steep hill by the road. Farther on, Herb topped a hill doing about 50 mph and saw several cars and a couple of campers parked on both side3s of the road -- not entirely off the roadway -- but one after another a car would pull back onto the road into the oncoming lane. It was not safe for a vehicle our size to stop on the side, and we knew why they stopped -- the bear cub!

Our plan was to check out Lake Louise before we left the Icefields Parkway, but once we had turned into the town, we knew it was a mistake. Traffic congestion in a tiny touristy town, so we made a U-turn and continued our trip. 93 South proved to be a most beautiful drive. We had a wild ride down into the town of Radium Hot Springs, beginning with several warnings of 8% or 9% grade one right after the other, and then right in the middle to town it began 11% grade. Fantastic! No pictures of it here, as Wilma was too busy videoing, Herb was busy guiding the RV, and Jake was in a deep sleep.

We found a "mom and pop" campground, Springbrook Motel and RV Park, in Skookumchuck that had WiFi, the lack of which we were suffering, so we spent most of the evening doing laundry and catching up on correspondence. No cell phone service yet. Full hookups and Wi-Fi $25cdn. What a deal. We even washed the Jeep, as they needed the water for the grass.

Pictures are here.

Walldog, Willie and Jake

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Elsie Sikes said...

I don't know what I'll do without your stories & pictures for the rest of the summer. These are magnificent!