Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Alaska Day 56

Monday June 10, 2006 Whitehorse Yukon Territory Log 0 Miles
Much of today was spent getting a new tire, which had been worn by a road condition induced misalignment, and searching for a mechanic shop which could do an alignment -- soon. Then the search was on for a phone of some sort, where we could catch up on a week's worth of messages. Then a bit more time spent on work generated by those messages. Such is the vacation life of a non-retired person.

Wal-mart is close to the automotive businesses, as well as the very busy downtown, so we elect to stay there for the night. A nice sunny day gets the temperature up to 76 degrees. Free parking at Wal-mart gets about 30 rigs including one airplane for the evening; however, it cost us $75 -- new leash, harness and toy for Jake, phone card, and accessories for the motorhome.

Actually the Wal-mart site had the best view of the Mighty Yukon river. A walking path worked its way along the river beside our parking place. Islands in our side of the river made nesting places for gulls and other wildlife. We watched a beaver work on his dam. Jake was able to swim in the Yukon.

Pictures are here

Walldog, Willie and Jake

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