Thursday, July 13, 2006

Alaska Day 57

Tuesday July 11, 2006 Whitehorse Yukon Territory Log 0 Miles
Due to scheduling problems with the alignment shop, we get to spend another day in Whitehorse. After a visit to the Yukon information center, we take a jeep road up the Haeckel Hill road to a wind mill site. One of the towers is in operation, and one is in need of repair. Hopefully the operational one is putting power into the grid. Our visit at the top of the hill was brief as the mosquitos were fierce and we forgot the deet. Do not leave home without it.

We saw our first Pile of Rocks, which are stacked several stones tall on the side of the road, and Meryl told us it is called Spirit of Man.

We have not had cell phone service since leaving Valdez several days ago. We bought a phone card so we could check our voice mail and return necessary calls. Today while using the WiFi at Hi Country RV Park, we strike up a conversation with a lady who is using VOIP to make phone calls on her computer. She is using a service called Skype. Herb immediately downloads the software and makes a phone call from his laptop. A visit to the local Staples gets a headset microphone and we are back in communication as long as we have internet. Internet is more readily available up here than Verizon towers.

In the Visitors' Center of Whitehorse, they have clocks, each set to a different time zone; however, they may did not display Mountain or Central for USA.

We take a longer walk to a park on the Yukon, where Jake has another swim. Herb notices a sign that states that BELOW this point water is not safe to drink. Indicating that above this point it may be ok to drink water from the Yukon river. It certainly is crystal clear, you can see several feet down into the river. We find a super grassy area to play with Jake. Herb helps a young bike rider refit the chain on his bicycle.


Walldog, Willie and Jake

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