Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Alaska Day 55

Sunday June 09, 2006 Whitehorse Yukon Territory Log 0 Miles
We visited Christ Church Cathedral in Whitehorse for Eucharist, and during the coffee hour met a lady from England and Toronto, who had traveled the Top of the World Highway and received a puncture in a tire. She had to drive about forty miles of dirt road on a donut spare. We also met the Most Reverend Terrence Buckle, Archbishop of Yukon.

Amazing Grace in the songbook had the words also given in the Mohawk language, which uses our alphabet, and the Plains Cree and Inuktitut languages, whose alphabet is not recognizable by us.

Herb spent most of the afternoon answering eMail and working on the computer, as we finally had Wi-Fi -- no cell phones yet.

Our new neighbors were a delight to visit with. Francois and Lida Smit of Cape Town, South Africa, and also of Prince George, BC, Canada and their two Scotties, Strompie and Saar Tjie. The Scotties made friends with Jake and the three romped and romped and romped. At one point we saw them resting! But briefly.

It was interesting to hear of their life in South Africa and of their plans to be in Prince George for a few years, where Francois is a practicing anestheologist. Lida is third generation in the wine country. After sharing some California wine, we said good-bye with an invitation to their home for dinner as we return to the lower 48.

Pictures are here.

Walldog, Willie and Jake

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