Thursday, July 27, 2006

Alaska Day 72

Wednesday July 26, 2006 St. Mary Montana Log 0 Miles
A trip through Glacier National Park was to begin the day for us with Bob and Myrna, and took us to some awesome waterfalls, rapids, and beautiful rock formations. The Jackson Glacier has retreated until almost not much to see, but there was still lots of snow around.

Altho we did not get to do our walk for exercise early in the morning, (wanting to beat the tourist crowd), Wilma and Myrna got theirs big time, as every time we drove on the mountain where the cliff was on Myrna's side, she literally leaned into Wilma's lap (afraid of heights, eh?), so Wilma offered to change sides of the car with her. This happened time and time again.

Herb tried to reassure her that she was not in danger, and that even if she were on the rock side of the road and the car went over the cliff, her side of the car would go over also. :):) She did not think that scientific fact figured into her emtions here. We had a lot of fun at her expense, but she is a trooper and still contributed to cooking supper in the evening.

As we were driving home, and Wilma was dosiing, Herb yelled, "Look!" and she woke just knowing that was a black bear that she should photograph. But he had seen our friends from PA that we met in Homer AK -- Bobbi and Duff Chambers and Australian Shepherd Willie. He made a U-turn and we chased them down, persuaded them to return with us and spend a night at the KOA. While we briefly caught up on happenings since we had seen them, Jake and Willie ran and tumbled.

Later, we and the Chambers took a walk down to the stream that feeds St. Mary Lake to let Jake and Willie sit in the water to drink, retrieve the stick and negotiate the weir dam. We were surprised to see that they became very competitive for the stick.

Dinner was fresh sweet peas Bobbi and Duff had just got in Canada (and customs was not interested in), parsleyed new potatoes that Myrna fixed, and halibut Herb caught in Homer. Dessert was Myrna's special recipe of jello with yogurt, topped with Wilma's almonds and whipped cream from Texas, and Okanagan cherries from Canada .

Pictures are here.

Walldog, Willie and Jake

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