Monday, July 17, 2006

Alaska Day 62

Sunday July 16, 2006 Dawson City Yukon Territory to Whitehorse Log 336 Miles
We attended St. Paul's Anglican Church, as did many other tourists, and the owner of the Gold Rush RV Park, where we are staying. We learned that one of the members, a former First Nation Chief, witnesses to the First Nation people on the street. The Doxology was printed in the bulletin in both English and Han, and the people sang in each language.
Near the center of the room was a very large wood burning stove and a cord of wood. It was explained that because of insulation in the very old original building, most of the winter services are held in the chapel next door. Only special services are held in the main building, and then the fire has to be started the day before to "get it jumping!"
Where is the camera when you need it? A pair of moose were in a mud puddle on the side of the road just as we left Dawson City. We passed them too quickly. We met about 26 -- at least -- RVs coming into Dawson in a caravan, and unfortunately it was on the gravel section of the road and pretty dusty.
Just after we left Penny's Place at Pelly Crossing, Wilma saw a bear cub on the bank of the ditch, with a cat of some type (lynx maybe?) lying at the edge of the clearing just a few feet from the cub. Was the mama bear calling the cub away from danger? Or was it a kitten lynx playing with the cub?
Later in the afternoon we notice a pickup truck pulling a boat pull out from the landing at Fox Lake. He went across the highway in front of us and we assumed he went into another road. Wrong, he went directly into the ditch and did not stop he turned left as he intended and came back up on the road heading toward us. As he jerked onto the pavement, his boat came off the trailer and landed upside down on the edge of the road. I honked my horn at him, but he continued on with his empty boat trailer. I guess Sunday afternoon at the lake, he just had too many "Artic Reds".
Our friends Dan and Silvia Gore caught up with us at Fox Lake Burn and we continued together on into Whitehorse. We enjoyed happy hour and dinner with them. Although Dan enjoyed Jake, he missed Retta, his well trained Lab (Loretta Lynn) he left in Mississippi. Their Yorkie, Annabelle, was quite pleasant to everyone except Jake.
Walldog, Willie and Jake


Elsie Sikes said...

Love the boots flower pots. We came thru the 98 fire at Fox Run on our 2nd AK trip.

Elsie Sikes said...

Oops... Fox Lake burn