Sunday, July 04, 2010

Summer 2010 Grand Tour Day 6

St. Louis to SuperWally Emporia KS Log 311 Miles, Total 1596 Miles

We waited at Dwight and Nancy's until Heather arrived with the "Twins".  They are Heather's children.  They got a grand tour of the motor home and had a great time playing with Jake.  Izzy learned quickly how to get Jake to drop his toy.  She threw another toy and of course he could not resist to go retrieve it, dropping his other toy.  She played switch with him until he gathered both together and stood over them.  He does not share his toys....he only likes to show them to you.

We finally hitched up and drove out about 10am.  Heading West on 64 and then 70, we picked out a Super Wal-mart in Emporia KS for our destination for the day.  Arriving there, just before the sky opened up with a downpour.  We have our reserved spot near the garden center against a curb with grass and a line of trees to block the outer street.

Tomorrow we plan about another 300 miles toward Angel Fire.  We will stay somewhere West of Dodge City.  Herb remembers fondly a time on the motorcycle when he and Sam had a great steak in Dodge City on their way to Napa Valley to meet Willie and Inez for an Elderhostel tour.

A link to our tour album is here.

Walldog, Willie and Jake

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