Thursday, June 09, 2011

Friday Harbor

The sun is shining and we are in Friday Harbor.  We visited here last year a couple of times via the Washington State Ferry system.  A neat little community to visit.  We arrived here from Anacortes yesterday afternoon and found a guest slip for a couple of days.  Jake has introduced himself to all the neighbors along the docks.
We keep working on making the boat more home and livable.  We have some shelves ordered from Fisheries Supply that will make the galley more user friendly.  When they arrive, we may make a trip to pick them up as Trader Joes is near there and I am sure we will need to restock.
I preparation for Independence day, I mounted our American flag.  The normal place would be from a flag pole at the stern of the boat, but our dinghy would cover it there, so we mounted it from the flag mount on our mast.  Now we are ready for the 4th and an upcoming visit to Canada.

Walldog, Willie and Jake.

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Captain Jim and the Blonde said...

Looking good! We enjoy Friday Harbor, but if you get the chance, chug around the other side of the island to Roche Harbor... good pizza and prime rib sandwich at the restaurant there. :-) Then a short jaunt to Reid Harbor on Stewart Island. Take Jake for a hike to see the old school house and see if you can find the treasure chest!

Best wishes,
Jim & Joan (and little Izzy)