Saturday, May 28, 2011

Travel to Anacortes

May 20, 2011

Today we leave Des Moines.  We considered going by water to Anacortes, but the logistics of getting the truck and trailer there could not be worked out.  So we prepared to have the boat loaded on the trailer.  The marina has a sling lift for that purpose.  Kenny arrives from the plant with my trailer and to assist me in loading it for the first time.

While we are working, Willie catches a great shot of a Mallard that dive bombs me.  I guess I was in his way as he wanted to  be in slip adjacent to us.  Jake does not even protect me, seems that he has lost his natural bird dog properties.

After prepping Willie's Tug for travel, we motor over to the lift.  We have to drive the tug into the slings and stay centered until the operator brings us up high enough for us to step off.

Piece of cake as this is how we have putting our previous tug into its slip at home.  Except on a smaller scale.

The operator carries us over to the trailer and gently sets us down on it. We strap her down and off we go to Anacortes, working our way through the Seattle traffic.  Since the trailer sets a little down in the front, we take it easy until we can get a higher draw bar for our hitch.  The truck pulls it effortlessly, looks like we made a good choice.

We arrive in Anacortes without incident and try to unload at the marina.  But they decline to unload it without bunk cutouts for their straps.  Andrew tells me later that they did several 27s at the trawler fest.  They sent us over to Cap Sante Marine who did a fine job of getting us off the trailer and into the water.  We motor up the small channel and into Cap Sante Boat Haven, which will be our base of operation for the next 4 months.
Now we have to do a bit of walking to move the truck and trailer over to the temporary parking until we can find home for the trailer.

We have just enough time to get home in the slip and secure everything down before happy hour.  We prepare for Capt. Mac, who will come tomorrow for a day on the water provided by the plant.  We have heard many good things about his sessions.

Walldog, Willie and Jake.

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