Sunday, May 22, 2011

Taking Delivery of Willie's Tug

May 17, 2011

We arrive in Kent, Washington about 3:30 PM and go to the factory.  We meet with Andrew and Jeff.  Horrors, our boat is not there.  Andrew tells us that it is in the water waiting for us at the Des Moines marina nearby.  It was not hard to find.
If we thought packing the truck was hard, putting everything from the truck into the boat is impossible.

We throw a few necessities into the boat and settle down for happy hour.  After 7 days and 3000 miles, we are in our new home for the summer.

Andrew will arrive in the morning for our orientation.  In the meantime, I look for power cords and water hoses to hook up our power and water.  It is a good thing we are experienced motor homers, so we know what to do.  It will get a little cool after the sun goes down, but we have brought some Texas weather with us to share with our friends here in Seattle.

After spending the morning going over all the systems on the boat, we take her out for the first time.  New boat, new waters.  Very scary and exciting.  We spend about 4 hours motoring around Puget Sound  between Seattle and Tacoma.  Then we take her back to the slip at Des Moines.  Wonder of wonders, we slide her back into the slip and did not hit anything.

I do believe Jake enjoyed the ride. He is finding his place to sleep.  He does not care where is, just that he is.  An attitude from which many of us could learn.

We get back from our shakedown cruise, and Andrew calls for Kenny to bring us a part to replace on the Air conditioner/Heat Pump.  After replacing it , we enjoy a beer together.

A great group of folks with which to do business.  They really care about putting out a quality product and their customer service is rivaled by no one.

Our first full day on the boat is good one.  New friends, great service from the plant, and all this sunshine we brought from Texas.

Walldog, Willie and Jake.

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