Friday, May 27, 2011

Des Moines Day 2

These next couple posts are out of order, but I wanted to catch up on our taking delivery of the boat.

Thursday May 19, 2011

Today is on our own as we continue to put things in their place.  After a bit this, we decide it is too pretty to sit at the dock.  So we head out into the sound to explore and get used to the larger boat.  We cruise Southeast from Des Moines following the coast line down to Tacoma.  We stay clear of the traffic lanes.  Yesterday we found how fast some of large commercial ships move.  We do the breakin routine that Andrew recommended, 5 minutes at 2000 rpms, 5 at 3000, and 5 at 4000.  After all that we find that we really like traveling about 1800 or so.  But it is nice to have the power when you want or need it.

Jake finds his place on the floor between Willie and me.

Heading back toward Des Moines, we cruise along side of Vashon and Maury Islands.  Maury Island appears to be actually attached to Vashon.  At Robinson Point, we move close enough for Willie to photograph the light house.

We thread our way back into the narrow channel into Des Moines Marina and get a little more practice backing into a slip.

Another great day on the water here in the Pacific Northwest.

Walldog, Willie and Jake.

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