Friday, July 20, 2012

Anchorage at Fisherman's Bay

We slip into the narrow channel that leads to Fisherman's Bay on Lopez Island.  Our first trip here, we look for a suitable spot to anchor.  We are at about half tide and find 9-10 feet below our hull all over the bay.  Lots of private mooring buoys taking up space as most of them are empty.  We see a nice open area out from the Lopez Islander Resort and stake our claim.  The Rocna sets perfectly tugging our bow around smartly as we back away.  Pushing the throttle up to over 1000 RPMs in reverse holds steady, we are home.  After a bit we hear a seaplane taxi out into the bay.  We watch in awe as he pours the coals to his throttle and lifts off just a few feet from us on our starboard side.  When another lands and takes off on our port side, we wonder if we have broken some unwritten rule about anchoring in Fisherman's Bay.

After speaking with the Marina attendant, we find that it is suggested that you anchor East of an unmarked line.  So our second night here, we move a bit East just to give Kenmore Air plenty of room.  I am glad they do not fly at night.

After moving in closer to a dinghy dock for Jake's ferry, we find an anchorage that appears we will not bump into adjacent boats.  During the night the weather picks up with rain and winds.  In the early morning I hear a crash bump bump and jump out of bed.  After assuring myself that we did not in fact bump into another boat, I find that a case of Diet Cokes has tumbled over in the cockpit.  What a noise!!  Scary!!

Anyway after daylight we determine that the Rocna has again held fast and it does not appear to have dragged any at all even with the wind and waves.  Looks as if the weather will improve as the day goes on and this afternoon will bless us with drier conditions.

Walldog, Willie and Jake

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