Friday, August 10, 2012

Desolation Sound 8-1-2012

Willie's Tug was cruising up the Homfray Channel, destination Homfray Lodge, a new remote wilderness lodge that just happens to have a nice dock.  Since Homfray Lodge is only accessible by water, this is a necessity.  What a pleasant surprise to arrive and find that 3 C-Brats had arrived ahead of us and were already sampling the wonderful hospitality of the Macey brothers.  Katmai, Dreamer and Sea Pal were proudly lined up on the dock.

We spent two nights visiting with old and new friends before moving on to continue our tour of this fabulous area.

Left to Right: Roger of Dreamer, Bob of Sea Pal, Betsy of Sea Pal, Mary of Katmai, Casey of Katmai, and Herb of Willies Tug.
Jake, Sleeping on the dock.

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