Thursday, June 08, 2006

Alaska Day 21-22

Monday June 5, 2006 Fort St. John BC to Toad River BC
The excitement of the day was SNOW - flurries - at Milepost 332 n, Steamboat Lodge. Muskwa Valley, and we were fogged in. Elevation is 2,842, there is ice in the river at 42 degrees. (It is 59 degrees inside the RV.) A warning sign on the road cautions about ice; flurries increase at elevation 4000. Stone sheep are seen from time to time.We stopped for the day at Toad River Lodge and RV Park. Electricity was from their generator and TV station was Spokane. Nice WX they are having, while we are having cold and rain. The park was on the Toad River, of course, and picturesque. Jake had a good romp with his fetching dummy around the small rv park besode a beaver damed pond. Plenty of grass to play in. He made friends with a cat next door.who lives in a similar coach from Tuscon. The café here at the rv park had homemade bread along with split pea and ham soup -- ummm!

Great cell phone and internet service all through Alberta. Absolutely none since we left Fort St. John. The rv parks and serice stations and cafes along this stretch of road to Watson Lake are "Off the grid". They use diesel generators for power.


Tuesday June 6, 2006 Toad River BC to Watson Lake Yukon Territory

We were confused as to whether we woke at 4:30 or 5:30 AM, as we heard BC does not change for Daylight Savings. Does it matter?

Today we will be at Watson Lake to post Wilma's sister's sign at the world famous Sign Post Forest.

Lots of wildlife on the Alaska Highway today leaving Toad River and heading to Watson Lake. We saw a baby moose at one point, adlt moose at aother, several sheep in the road past Wilderness and bears at two places. One mother bear had her cub. A clue to wildlife along the road is the vehicles stopped on the side or just seeing their brakelights. No snow today, but it rained off and on all day, was as low as 38 degrees in the morning. A special treat was the soak at Liard Hot Springs Park. There is a half mile boardwalk from parking to the pool, which is in the running stream, with a wooden deck and benches along side. Air temp is 41 and the water temp is 108+plus and varies as the spring feeds into the stream. The Provencial parks pool was crystal clear with a sandy pea gravel bottom, well maintained and clean.You get used to the sulphur smell, and it is well worth it to enjoy the heat of the water. Invigorating!

At Watdson Lake we were pleased to find the Downtown RV Park, who serves a menu of steak or salmon every night. Most attractions are within walking distance, but we took the Jeep to the Sign Forest, as it was raining. It took several minutes to find a vacant spot to nail Wilma's sister's sign, and then quite a bit longer to locate her son's sign from their 2000 trip. There are over 200,000 signs posted now -- lots from Germany and lots from all over Texas, the southernmost one we saw was Port LaVaca. Jake's new friend the cat from Tuscon also is staying at this park tonight.. We find that now we are seeing the same rv's along the way. As we are all heading for Alaska. Tomorrow may finally be the day we cross into Alaska, as we plan to go to Skagway, Alaska for a few days.

Dinner was Salmon steaks at the mess tent here at the rv park in downtown Watson Lake. It was our last dinner with Sam and Inez for a while as they are going a differnet direction tomorrow. We will meet in a few days at Homer on the Kenai Penensula.


Walldog, Willie and Jake

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