Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Alaska Day 35

Monday June 19,2006 Homer AK Log 0 Miles
At Senior Citizens Center lunch today we met a lady who lives in the assisted living attached to the center. We overheard her exitement over the election of the new Episcopal Bishop. We spoke with her and found out she is 84 years old, was originally from Dallas and spent most of her adult life in San Diego for 50 years. She invited us to her apartment and we had a most pleasant visit overlooking the bay and the mountains. Her name is Mary Euncie Oliver and she has a treasure trove of memories. She was the last woman NOTseated at Episcopal House of Deputies. The next year she was seated. She told us of Hudson Stuck, American missionary and explorer who was Dean of the Episcopal cathedral at Dallas and later became Archdeacon of the Yukon. He and three companions accomplished the first ascent of Dinali (Mt. McKinley). He was a champion of Native American rights in Alaska.

After lunch we visit the Pratt Museum here in Homer. They have quite a collection of artifacts from early Alaska history focusing on the Kenai Peninsula. There is a vivid display of the Valdez oil spill which directly affected the people and wildlife of Homer. Now 17 years later we do not see anything that mars the beauty of this area, but we are told that the environment still has lingering damage from the spill. In the same note they had an extensive display of an area that will be impacted by a large strip gold mining operation that will be conducted across the bay from Homer. Most of the people shown in the display are in favor of the operation if they can be careful not damage the environment. It appears that the economy of this area can use the boost that the gold mine will provide.

Later in the day we meet Duff, Bobbi and Willie (their dog). They are Escapees with a South Dakota address. We have a great time letting Jake and Willie play on the beach below our rv park. During happy hour we exchange email addresses and pictures of the day. We leave Homer tomorrow, but hope we see Duff and Bobbi in Fairbanks later this month.

Pictures of the dogs (and humans) at play on the beach are here.

Walldog, Willie and Jake

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