Thursday, June 22, 2006

Alaska Day 36

Tuesday June 20, 2006 Homer AK to Seward AK Log 168 Miles

We reluctantly tore ourselves away from an early morning visit with our new friends, Bobbi, Duff and their Shepherd Willie, and headed for Seward, promising to meet again, and singing Arrivederci Homer - Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye. We encountered a real rain (not a Homer sprinkle) for a short time, then amazingly the weather cleared!

Great scenery again, and the salmon fishermen were crowding into the Kenai River at Russian Ferry near Cooper Landing.

We arrived at Stoney Creek RV Park that the Churchills had recommended, and that Sam and Inez has come to yesterday. Dinner was skillet halibut prepared with mayonnaise, as we had been instructed by Captain Dave. LINK

As we were walking Jake, we were visited by three neighborhood dogs, one of whom was a beauty that we named Iditarod. Those two frolicked for a time and ended up running Wilma over, but she only dropped the video camera, and did not sprain both ankles this time. The campground host was with us and handed her the camera, saying, "I'm sorry I could not put it on pause, so it captured the whole event."

Sam had been given a tip by his cruise captain to see Exit Glacier at night, and what better time than near Summer Solstice, so we headed north in the Jeep. At the choice of the 7.7 mile hike to the top, the .7 mile to overview, or .2 mile to the bottom of the glacier, we chose the middle path. Suddenly as the path narrowed, we realized that we were the only ones who took it, and possibly there were bears around, and it was as near dusk as it would get, and Roxie would be so disappointed that we had not thought to bring the bear spray. So we began to talk loud and hope the cubs were far up the hill.

We lived to write this.

We met a couple of guys who had come up the lower path to touch the glacier, then unsafely climbed their way to our path for a better view. So we did this in reverse. Awesome scenery and quite cool. As we fjorded the stream or tried to cross on the rock "bridge," we remembered the brochure had recommended waterproof shoes. Concentrate! On your steps!

Then to warm us on our return to the RVs, Inez served us bowls of Bluebell Homemade (just kidding), but it was great ice cream!

Pictures are here

Walldog, Willie and Jake

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