Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Alaska Day 42

Monday June 26, 2006 Denali National Park Alaska Log 0 Miles
Not the best day for viewing wildlife in Denali National Park -- two moose, one squirrel, one rabbit, one gull, one magpie, two green free shuttle busses, and 85 tour buses. But the sun came out!

The Visitor's Center had a very well-done and enjoyable film, which in the first five seconds told Wilma why she would not live too far North in the winter-- heavy snow weighting down treetops and whistling, blowing snow. Then a wonderful presentatin of wildlife and plants. Seeing them and hearing the sounds of the ducks and other animals made us glad we are here. A native Athabascan woman and two children were picking blueberries, which she said they share with the bears, then they slowly walked away singing as the grizzly came for his breakfast of berries.

Late afternoon with the sun still high, Jake romped in last night's puddles. Our next project was a major cleaning and freshening of the carpet for the happy dog.

Pictures are Here

Walldog, Willie and Jake

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