Monday, June 19, 2006

Alaska Day 31-32

Thursday June 15, 2006 Homer AK Log 0 Miles
Well, the sunshine was short-lived, and we had a "gray-out" most all day. Light rain most of the day. We took advantage of the downtime to receive business calls and catch up on some paperwork, brochure reading/trip planning and convincing ourselves that on vacation you can be happy in spite of the weather. We ventured out for the daily trip to the Post Office to see if our forwarded mail had come, and to the Senior Center for another nutritious lunch. We bought red sweatshirts "Homer Senior Citizens' Center -- Alaska."

We booked a halibut charter for Sunday, the only available day they had, began to make plans for it.


Friday June 16, 2006 Homer AK Log 0 Miles
Light sprinkle of rain all morning, but after lunch we had an opportunity to take a trike ride. With Jake heeling, we rode the bike path to the beginning of the Spit, and then brought him back to rest. We saw a Discovery with Texas plates, and stopped to introduce ourselves to Bud and Betsy Estes, who grew up in Pecos. This is their tenth year to spend three months in Alaska, and the rest of the year in Midland Odessa and traveling. We gave them the latest Discovery newsletter, guest pass and applications. We may see them later in the year at a Discovery Texan Rally.

A trip to the super market found a bell pepper less than $4.99, so we bought it. As well as supplies for the fishing trip. We have a real concern, tho -- what will we do with the halibut we catch? Like Blue Bell, we'll eat all we can, stuff our freezers, then give the rest away.

Sam went claming with his friend Tony, and Inez made clam chowder for dinner. Herb bought some sourdough loaves to cut open for bread bowls, and what a treat we had!


Walldog, Willie and Jake

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