Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Alaska Day 43

Tuesday June 28, 2006 Healy AK to Fairbanks AK Log 121 Miles
Leaving the Denali area, we passed through more beautiful scenery, then came to the town of Nenana, which means "a good place to camp between the rivers," which are the Tanana and Nenana Rivers. It was the construction base for building the Alaska Railroad, and President Warren G. Harding drove a gold spike there at the rail completion. But what we saw was the Tripod, which since 1917 involves a contest, The Ice Classic, as it is placed in the river during the winter, and people buy a ticket to guess when the thaw and ice breakup of the river will allow it to float. The tripod appears to be about 30 feet tall and made of telephone poles. When it begins to float, its line trips a clock to signify the official time and identify the contest winner.

Our day ends at the Riverview RV Park between Fairbanks and North Pole AK. As we walked to see the river, Jake looked over the edge which was straight down to a swift current. Since we now know from Homer AK that Jake has NO FEAR of cliffs and water, we encouraged him to remain in the grassy area up top. He found canine friends and had a good play.

Walldog, Willie and Jake

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